Thursday, October 24, 2013


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Abdul Hamid Mar Iman

The property sub–sector commands a special understanding and analysis of various aspects related to its operations. One of these aspects is property marketing, which in its true nature, is a complete management process. Property marketing as a discipline, embraces a wide spectrum of phenomena related to management and planning, property market, marketing environment, consumer behaviour, products and other mixed elements, market segmentation, management of marketing efforts, real estate agency, marketing research, marketing communication, and management of marketing personnel.

This book attempts to apply the general marketing discipline to property studies, especially in aspects related to the process of bringing property products to the attention of prospective buyers, with a blend of applications in economics, management, marketing, and business in order to understand the property market and dealing with its business objectives and goals. In this book, the author also explains how property marketing is implemented in companies involved in the property business.


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